About... John Overton

John Overton, Business and Management Coach in Farnham, Surrey

I am a dynamic coach. For 22 years I have brought my energy, curiosity, empathy and humour to training, facilitating and coaching. Qualified through LKB associates, Paris (2005, 2007) and Regard 9, Rennes (2006) in one to one and team coaching, my experience is wide-ranging and includes international management coaching and project management experience as president of a worldwide charity in Paris.

Working in both France and England, I have trained and coached professionals in a wide range of industries: architects, apprentices, lawyers, parliamentarians, financial directors, sales people…

My approach is ethical and respectful.

You’re the expert in your field. I’m an expert in the change process and helping others succeed, especially where there are barriers to your progress. Together we revisit, invent and experiment until you are good and ready to apply the approach you most believe in. It may even have been staring you in the face! I challenge all my clients to bring out their non-conformist side wherever possible. We try out ideas in a safe environment where I will not judge you as colleagues or stakeholders might. Refreshed, you can channel your enthusiasm into a workable plan of action. I support you to implement it.

Conflict is no dirty word if it yields results! Clients become adept at reading their team members and knowing what really motivates them, bringing them on board more peacefully. The same goes for the niggly parts of ourselves that stand in our way!

Another side of John...

I am also a qualified Pilates instructor and passionate about wellness at work. Wellness programmes make for happier, healthier and more productive staff, and can easily fit in to most office environments: for example, standing Pilates can easily be performed in an office space. I bring my interest in fitness and health into optional fitness sessions and outdoor challenges in my Team Workshops offerings.

Corporate wellness

Together with experienced massage therapist and Fascial Pilates instructor Claudia Hall, we offer the BAC plan (Bodywork and Coaching). Visit our separate website for details.

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