Individual Coaching

1:1 and 2:1 Coaching


In 1:1 sessions I am working with you, the coachee, alone.

In 2:1 sessions I will be working with you and, typically, your apprentice or a key subordinate.

Format & Schedule

Each coachee needs a minimum investment of four sessions. The minimum interval between these sessions is one week, maximum one month.

One week before our initial session I will give you one brief pre-coaching assignment to complete.

Each coaching session lasts 1.5 hours and results in a co-authored written action plan. We will have one email or phone follow-up before our next meeting. Additional calls or emails are available at extra cost.


Standard Rate: £115 per session

Day Block Rate: £110 per session (applies when 3 or 4 members of the organisation are being coached and are seen on the same day in back-to-back sessions with a break in between).

2:1 Coaching Rate: £160

Additional calls or Skype sessions: £50 per hour


Sessions may be held at your own premises or a private venue near Farnham; alternatively they may be conducted via Skype video.

If another venue is required room hire will be extra.

Free Skype Session

I offer a free Skype session of 15 minutes so that you can assure yourself that we are the right match. Call me to arrange a time.

Taster Session

If you would like a more in-depth experience of coaching before fully committing yourself, a Taster session offers you a 1-hour coaching session with a subsequent phone follow-up.

Cost: £80

Make a booking

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and arrange dates.

+44 7780 195848

Terms & Conditions

Full payment to be received 21 calendar days prior to coaching.

The coaching IS transferrable. The new coachee would need to send the pre-coaching assignment.

Cancellation policy: 14 days prior to start date: 50% refund; 7 days prior to start date 25% refund; less than 7 days no refund.