Business Coaching

What is business coaching?

Business and Management Coaching with John Overton in Farnham, Surrey

Business coaching is a process that helps you overcome barriers that are preventing you from achieving your business goals. A business coach brings another set of eyes, a different perspective. Starting with your end goal, you acknowledge core problems, discover blind spots in yourself or others and then devise a workable plan of action.

The coaching experience involves a mixture of support, guidance, challenge and accountability - all with the aim of producing results.

Who is it for?

Anyone who runs their own business or has an influential position in their organisation can benefit from business coaching. It doesn't matter which industry you are in, as the fundamental business processes and human factors remain the same.

As Google CEO Eric Schmidt observed, "a coach is somebody who can watch what you're doing and say, 'Is that what you really meant? Did you really do that?' They can give you perspective. The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps."

Typical themes

Business and Management coaching - time management

Time management

Once the moment is gone, it's gone. Make every working moment count so that you get to achieve more in your day and are prepared for the unexpected, instead of fire-fighting all the time. Prioritise into do, ditch or delegate categories. With less stress you can approach tasks (and life in general) with greater calm that people will notice.


Business and Management coaching - Decision-making


You may need to decide on a supplier, a new recruit, a pricing strategy ... you name it. Decisiveness counts. Here we will use a number of simple techniques to enable you to reach informed decisions. Through making sure that everything is weighed up, and nothing forgotten you can easily choose the best course of action.

Business and Management coaching - Developing your vision

Developing your vision

Why should anyone be motivated for your goals if they are unclear? Unless they really get them, like you do, you may just notice polite co-operation, or worse. Your vision is what can ignite their fire. Together we can make sure this vision is one that you and they can be proud of and identify with.

Business and Management coaching - Developing your strategy

Developing your strategy

Is the current strategy working to achieve your heart-felt vision? Have you had time to take an aerial view to make sure it really does? My clients experiment with options, see things from all angles and ensure that the efforts and investments go in the right places.

Business and Management coaching - Being systematic

Being systematic

Implementation is everything. How is the strategy being put in place every day? By whom? What is working best? We're looking here at making sure the vital routines of the day are ticking along effortlessly; those that aren't are being addressed. Attention to detail will keep internal and external customers smiling and staying with you.

Business and Management coaching - Become a coaching manager

Become a coaching manager

Invest time in really listening to your staff, colleagues, associates, suppliers, clients and even your family. Use coaching techniques with your staff: allow them to discover their own solution wherever possible. Ownership, responsibility and morale are lifted.