Team Coaching & Building

Team Coaching Workshops

Team Coaching with Overture Business and Management Coaching in Farnham, Surrey

It is vitally important to pay attention to your team to ensure that you're getting the best out of them. Are they working effectively both as unique individuals and as a team?

And what about skills? Do they know how to deliver presentations that work or the best ways to gain buy-in?

Workshop Themes

You may have a clear sense of the areas where your team needs strengthening. I have found commonly-recurring themes to be:

Understanding Personality: how to use each other's strengths and experience for harmony and the common goal.

Presentations: how to make clear, powerful presentions to your client that they’ll remember.

Removing resistance: gaining buy-in for your vision and encourage the team's input.


Participants Price per group

Room hire and refreshments are not included in these prices.


Sessions may be held at your own premises if your workplace has a suitably-sized and comfortable area that is private, calm and without distractions.

Alternatively, I will source an appropriate venue. I will arrange the booking and order any refreshments required (according to your specifications). These costs are not included in the prices quoted above.

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Team Forming & Bonding Events

Team Forming and Group Events with Overture Business and Management Coaching in Farnham, Surrey

Have your key staff actually bonded together as a team - or are they just a group of people?

Do they work together to overcome business challenges or do their interactions derail progress?

Team events are an effective way of forming a group of people into a powerful team that works together yet retains the unique strengths of each individual.


Team forming, building and reinforcing days can take many forms. What we choose will always be decided together with you. I can offer various team events to suit your needs, for example:

Team Performance: drumming, creating a show together.

Away days in the outdoors: stretch your team to achieve outside their comfort zone.

Team Rewards: Reward your team for their successes: treat them to massage, personal coaching, a fitness programme or something else.

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